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GMCMI is proud to offer the electronic version of the GMCMH Parts Interchange Index to the GMC Motorhome Community. The GMCMI board has taken this initiative in effort to give back to the GMC Community which will offer support to present and future GMC Motorhome owners.

The Parts Interchange has moved to this new location and will shortly be removed from the “members only” section of the gmcmi.com website. As you will notice when you go to gmcmi.com and click on the parts interchange, you are redirected to this new website (gmcmi.net) which houses these items.

It is available free to the GMC Community, but you are required to register. Yes, even if you are currently a GMCMI member, you will need to register and create a user name and password.

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The most effective use of this Index is made when members also have a copy of the #78Z Parts Book. For your convenience at the top of each section, the correlating Z87 Parts Book Group is available in a pdf format. The exploded views in the Parts Book, of most assemblies, are helpful when looking for the correct part name and/or the original part number.

The Parts Interchange Index is a compilation of the interchange parts listed in the GMCMI newsletters/magazines, items mentioned at Conventions plus member contributions. This is recommended since many references are made to newsletter/magazine issue and page numbers so that members can obtain additional information. This Index is arranged alphabetically by major part groupings and may differ from the newsletter/magazine article titles and/or the Newsletter/Magazine (Publication) Index.

While considerable effort has gone into the preparation of this Index, there may be numbers that are no longer current, have been superceded or may in fact not be correct for a certain GMC motorhome. The numbers have been communicated by the membership at large and may in fact contain errors or incorrect applications. It is imperative that each member use their own resources to evaluate the merit of each item. This information is intended to be used solely as a way to communicate thoughts, ideas, opinions and procedures among GMC Motorhome owners and there is no attempt (expressed or implied) to replace or supersede the recommendations from General Motors or any other component manufacturers.

DISCLAIMER | The Parts Interchange Index is published from contributions by GMCMI members and the GMC Community and is published as a service to GMCMI members. Accuracy and performance is not guaranteed. Independent verification is urged. Address any corrections or additions by clicking here.

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