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GMCMI Parts Interchange: While considerable effort has gone into the preparation of the parts interchange, there may be numbers that are no longer current, have been superceded or may in fact not be correct for certain GMC motorhomes. The numbers have been communicated by the GMC Community at large and may in fact contain errors or incorrect applications. It is imperative that each member use their own resources to evaluate the merit of each item. This information is intended to be used solely as a way to communicate thoughts, ideas, opinions and procedures among GMC Motorhome owners and there is no attempt (expressed or implied) to replace or supersede the recommendations from General Motors or any other component manufacturers.

GMCMI Magazines & Newsletters:
The beautiful four-color GMC Vintage RVing magazine was launched the Fall of 2016. Published quarterly providing technical and non-technical information on the GMC Motorhome and the GMC Community. Prior to 2016 a GMCMI Newsletter was produced.

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